Conference "3rd Quantum International Frontiers 2023: Density and Density Matrix-driven Electronic Structure Methods" 

QIF3 is the third in the series of conferences that bring together and encourage collaboration between researchers working on different aspects of quantum theories and their applications in “real life”.

The previous two meetings took place in  Shanghai and  Hunan.  

QIF3 will will take place in Łódź, Poland on June 21th-24th, 2023.

Both traditional and non-traditional lectures will be featured at the conference:

1. Invited lecture: 30 minutes (25 minutes talk, 5 minutes for questions).

2. Pedagogical lecture: 45 minutes: The lecture material (PPTs, PDF)
must be at a level suitable for final year undergraduate students and
the audience may interrupt the speakers. There should be no jargon or
unexplained acronyms. Limited numbers of slots available.

3. Frontier lecture: 60 minutes: 30 minutes invited talk immediately
followed by 30 minutes of audience discussion. The lecture material
should be of a pedagogic level and submitted before the conference for
distribution to the Q.I. Frontiers audience. Limited numbers of slots

More information coming soon!