Katarzyna Pernal

Quantum Chemistry Group

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Recent Papers

  • K. Pernal, Correlation energy from random phase approximations: A reduced density matrices perspective, Int. J. Quantum Chem., vol. 118, no. 1, pp. e25462, 2018

  • M. Piris, K. Pernal, Comment on ``Generalization of the Kohn-Sham system that can represent arbitrary one-electron density matrices'', Phys. Rev. A, vol. 96, pp. 046501, October 2017

  • E. Pastorczak, J. Shen, M. Hapka, P. Piecuch, K. Pernal, Intricacies of van der Waals Interactions in Systems with Elongated Bonds Revealed by Electron-Groups Embedding and High-Level Coupled-Cluster Approaches, J. Chem. Theory Comput., vol. 13, no. 11, pp. 5404-5419, 2017

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