Maciej Dems

assistant professor
Photonics Group

42 631 3964

Maciej Dems received his M.Sc. degree in physics from Lodz University of Technology, Poland, in 2002 on the subject of strain determination in thin-layered structures. His current interests are photonic band gap materials (also known as photonic crystals) and their application to the new generations light-emitting instruments. In 2007 he defended Ph.D. dissertation in this subjet. Furthermore, Maciej Dems works on development of numerical methods for modeling of various photonic structures of a sub-wavelength scale. Since 2011 he leads an R+D project within the framework LIDER funded by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development. For many years he is a regular member of the Optical Society of America and the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE).




Recent Publications

  • M. Gebski, M. Dems, M. Wasiak, J. A. Lott, T. Czyszanowski, Monolithic Subwavelength High-Index-Contrast Grating VCSEL, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 27, no. 18, pp. 1953--1956, September 2015

  • M. Gębski, M. Dems, A. Szerling, M. Motyka, L. Marona, R. Kruszka, D. Urbańczyk, M. Walczakowski, N. Pałka, A. Wójcik-Jedlińska, e. al., Monolithic high-index contrast grating: a material independent high-reflectance VCSEL mirror, Opt. Express, vol. 23, no. 9, pp. 11674, 2015

  • M. Gębski, O. Kuzior, M. Dems, M. Wasiak, Y. Xie, Z. Xu, Q. Wang, D. H. Zhang, T. Czyszanowski, Transverse mode control in high-contrast grating VCSELs, Opt. Express, vol. 22, no. 17, pp. 20954--20963, August 2014

  • P. Wnuk, P. Wasylczyk, Ł. Zinkiewicz, M. Dems, K. Hejduk, K. Regliński, A. Wójcik-Jedlińska, A. Jasik, Continuously tunable Yb:KYW femtosecond oscillator based on a tunable highly dispersive semiconductor mirror, Opt. Express, vol. 22, no. 15, pp. 18284-18289, July 2014

  • M. Gębski, M. Dems, J. X. Chen, Q. Wang, D. H. Zhang, T. Czyszanowski, Optical Properties of GaAs/AlOx and Si/SiO x High Contrast Gratings Designed for 980-nm VCSELs, Nanotechnology, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 13, no. 3, pp. 418-424, May 2014

Recent Conference Presentations

  • M. Dems, P. Beling, M. Gębski, Ł. Piskorski, J. Walczak, M. Kuc, L. Frasunkiewicz, M. Wasiak, R. Sarzała, T. Czyszanowski, VCSEL modeling with self-consistent models: From simple approximations to comprehensive numerical analysis, Proc. SPIE, vol. 9381, pp. 93810K-93810K-9, 2015

  • M. Gębski, M. Dems, M. Wasiak, R. Sarzała, J. A. Lott, T. Czyszanowski, Double high refractive-index contrast grating VCSEL, Proc. SPIE, vol. 9381, pp. 93810Q-93810Q-7, 2015

  • M. Gebski, O. Kuzior, M. Wasiak, A. Szerling, A. Wójcik-Jedlińska, N. Pałka, M. Dems, Y. Xie, Z. Xu, Q. Wang, D. H. Zhang, T. Czyszanowski, High-contrast grating reflectors for 980 nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, Proc. SPIE, vol. 9372, pp. 937206-937206-9, 2015

  • K. Panajotov, Y. Xie, J. Beeckman, K. Neyts, M. Dems, C. Belmonte, H. Thienpont, Hybrid VCSEL: liquid crystal systems, Proc. SPIE, vol. 9381, pp. 93810P-93810P-9, 2015

  • L. Frasunkiewicz, M. Dems, R. Sarzała, K. Choquette, K. Panajotov, T. Czyszanowski, Coupled-cavity VCSELs: numerical analysis of physical phenomena, Proc. SPIE, vol. 9134, pp. 91342C-91342C-8, 2014

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