The 7th Conference of the Polish Society on Relativity 


Conference poster

  • The 7th annual conference of the Polish Society on Relativity was held at the Łódź University of Technology. 

  • See the "Talks" tab for the full list of speakers, as well as slides and some video recordings.

  • The conference proceedings can be found here.

  • The conference was divided into seven sessions:
    • Mathematical relativity I: Global structures of spacetime, black holes, initial conditions
      chair: P. Chruściel, J. Jezierski, J. Kijowski
    • Mathematical relativity II: Twistor theory, complex methods, conformal geometry, exact solutions
      chair: M. Dunajski, J. Tafel, M. Przanowski
    • Numerical methods in relativity
      chair: P. Mach, A. Rostworowski
    • Models of quantum gravity
      chair: J. Jurkiewicz, J. Kowalski-Glikman, J. Lewandowski, J. Lukierski
    • Cosmology and astrophysics
      chair: A. Borowiec, M. Dąbrowski
    • Gravitational waves
      chair: P. Jaranowski, A. Królak
    • Methods of string theory in gravity
      chair: P. Sułkowski