Mariola Buczkowska

Ph.D. D.Sc. Eng. Mariola Buczkowska

associate professor

+48 42 631 39 67 ORCID 0000-0002-2191-5416

The subject of my scientific activity is physics of liquid crystals. My works concerns the electric field induced deformations of director field occurring in layers of nematic liquid crystals.

The interactions of liquid crystals with external electric field are due to dielectric anisotropy as well as to flexoelectric properties. The elastic deformations arising under the action of electric field are fundamental for applications in liquid crystal devices.

The aims of my studies are as follows:

  • complex investigations of influence of chosen material parameters of liquid crystals on the elastic deformations of nematic layers occurring under the action of electric field. In particular I study the significance of flexoelectric properties for arising and form of such deformations,
  • obtaining the results which are useful as indications what properties should a nematic material posses to be suitable for practical applications,
  • checking, what possibilities are offered by the nematics possessing flexoelectric properties in the field of applications of electro-optic effects.

Method. The deformations of nematic layers are described by a set of complicated nonlinear differential equations which cannot be resolved analytically. Therefore the numerical methods must be used. Such approach allows to check the role of parameters from wide ranges which can indicate new fields of syntheses and experimental investigations. The results of such computations yield information which is impossible or difficult to achieve in real experiments or theoretical consideration.

I am a member of Polish Liquid Crystal Society.

The most important scientific publications

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Textures of liquid crystals observed under polarizing microscope during exercises at Liquid Crystals Physics Laboratory.