Monocrystals Group

Scientific and research activity of Monocrystals Group

The Monocrystals Group performs measurements and conducts research on the improvement of measurement techniques including:

  • electro-optic effects in monocrystals and liquids,
  • optical activity induced by electric field (electrogyration effect) in monocrystals and liquids,
  • dichroism and birefringence as natural phenomena and induced by electric field in liquids and solids,
  • the effect of ageing of vegetable, mineral and synthetic oils on the phenomena mentioned above.

The team has two active measuring stands with the necessary equipment including anti-vibration tables, He-Ne lasers, optical components, high voltage circuits, DSP lock-in amplifiers and control automatics.

Experimental works are supported by theoretical analysis of measurement errors and the possibility of separation a selected effect from other simultaneously occurring effects.

Modelling of crystal growth is an additional topic of research conducted in Monocrystals Group.

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