Photonics Group


Photonics Group is constituted by a few the talented people, who deal with the computer simulation and modeling physical phenomena in photonic structures. Our interest is focused on the semiconductor devices

  • edge-emitting laser diodes,
  • surface-emitting laser diodes,
  • laser matrices,
  • resonant cavity photodetectors.

Our computer models cover complexity of

  • optical phenomena,
  • electical phenomena,
  • thermal phenomena,
  • gain,
  • oxidation kinetics,
  • mechanical stress

in the lasers emitting in a visible spectrum of wavelength, as well as in infrared or ultraviolet ranges.

In particular, we deal with:

  1. 3D computer simulation of edge-emitting and vertical-cavity laser diodes and LEDs of different types taking into account mutual interactions between thermal, electrical and optical phenomena, gain and mechanical stress,
  2. investigation of heat-generation processes and heat flow in vertical-cavity and edge-emitting laser diodes and LEDs of different types,
  3. investigation of thermal, electrical and optical, mechanical and gain interactions between elements of 1D and 2D diode laser arrays,
  4. analysis of gradual and catastrophic degradation processes in laser diodes; analysis of physical mechanisms of degradation,
  5. theoretical analysis of thermal conductivity of ternary and quaternary AIIIBV compound semiconductors,
  6. efficiency optimisation of lasers and high power laser arrays designs,
  7. modeling of oxidation kinetics AlAs layers during manufacturing of laser and LED devices,
  8. analysis of electromagnetic field in photonic band bap materials and its application to the light-emitting devices.

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Recent Publications

  • P. Komar, M. Gębski, J. A. Lott, M. Wasiak, Chromatic aberration in planar focusing mirrors based on a monolithic high contrast grating, Opt. Express, vol. 29, no. 19, pp. 30296-30306, September 2021

  • P. Komar, M. Gębski, J. A. Lott, T. Czyszanowski, M. Wasiak, Experimental Demonstration of Light Focusing Enabled by Monolithic High-Contrast Grating Mirrors, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, vol. 13, no. 21, pp. 25533–25539, May 2021

  • M. Dems, Convergence Analysis of Various Factorization Rules in the Fourier-Bessel Basis for Solving Maxwell Equations Using Modal Methods, Opt. Express, vol. 29, no. 3, pp. 4378--4391, February 2021