Dielectrics Group


Research of Dielectric Group is focused on various topics related to numerical, theoretical and experimental investigations of various dielectric materials and their structures. Our research field is closely related to increasing demand new materials for different branches of industry like microelectronics or optoelectronics.

  • Among others, we investigate:
  • Nematic liquid crystals
  • Epoxy resins and liquid crystalline epoxy networks
  • Polymers including liquid crystalline polymers
  • Ferroelectric liquid crystals
  • Carbon films

In particular our research field includes:

  • Computer simulations of phenomena occurring in liquid crystals under external electric field
  • Experimental investigations of carbon films including diamond-like carbon and polycrystalline diamond films
  • Experimental investigations of structure and dynamics of molecular motions in low-weight and high-weight molecular materials (epoxy polymers, their composites and mixtures) using broadband dielectric spectroscopy.

Group Leader

Group Projects

Recent Publications

  • M. Kisiel, W. Zając, M. Włodarska, Ł. Byczyński, D. Czachor-Jadacka, B. Mossety-Leszczak, G. Pietruszewska, M. Droździel-Jurkiewicz, J. Bieniaś, Nonterminal liquid crystalline epoxy resins as structurally ordered low Tg thermosets with potential as smart polymers, pp. 516-532, 2024
  • M. Włodarska, B. Mossety‐Leszczak, M. Kisiel, W. Zając, L. Okrasa, Changes in molecular relaxations and network properties of a triaromatic liquid crystal epoxy resin with nonterminal functional groups, J. Polym. Sci. 2023, 2023
  • B. Mossety-Leszczak, B. Pilch-Pitera, J. Karaś, M. Kisiel, W. Zając, M. Włodarska, The application of liquid crystalline epoxy resin for forming hybrid powder coatings, Prog. Org. Coat. 168, 106873, 2022
  • M. Włodarska, B. Mossety-Leszczak, DFT Studies of Selected Epoxies with Mesogenic Units–Impact of Molecular Structure on Electro-Optical Response, Int. J. Mol. Sci. 22(7), 3424, 2021
  • A. S. Herc, M. Włodarska, M. Nowacka, J. Bojda, W. Szymanski, A. Kowalewska, Supramolecular interactions between polylactide and model cyclosiloxanes with hydrogen bonding-capable functional groups, pp. 134-153, 2020