Liquid Crystals Physics Group

My studies concern one- and two-dimensional deformations of director field as well as changes of optical transmision of liquid crystal layers. Effects of this kind are fundamental for every application of liquid crystals.

Structure of two-dimensional domains in nematic layer.

Numerical models used for simulations are based on continuum theory which is very well confirmed by experiments.

Schlieren texture of nematic layer.

Simulations concern static structures as well as dynamics of them. They take into account the charge transport in nematic material and flows of nematic liquid connected with deformations.

Director distribution and flow velocity distribution during onset of deformation of nematic layer.

M. Buczkowska, G. Derfel, “Backflow in flexoelectric nematic layers deformed by electric field”, Liquid Crystals, 42, (2) 169-175 (2014)

The aim of my numerical simulations is to find out what is the influence of parameters (e.g. dielectric anisotropy, flexoelectricity, ion concentration, anchoring strength) on elastic, rheological, electrical and optical properties of nematic layers.

Ranges of existence of planar, homeotropic and hybrid structure in layers of nematics possessing various flexoelectric coefficients.

G. Derfel , “Stationary states of hybrid aligned flexoelectric nematic layers”, Liquid Crystals, 34, (10) 1201-1214, (2007)

Region of existence of two-dimensional domains in parameters space characterizing dielectric, flexoelectric and elastic properties.

G. Derfel, M. Buczkowska, “Numerical study of flexoelectric longitudinal domains”, Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 547, 213-221, ( 2011)

Group Leader

Recent Publications

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  • M. Szmigielski, Theoretical models of modulated nematic phases, Soft Matter 19(15), 2675-2704, 2023
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