Katarzyna Pernal

Quantum Chemistry Group

+48 42 631 3656

Recent Papers

  • M. Hapka, E. Pastorczak, A. Krzemińska, K. Pernal, Long-range-corrected multiconfiguration density functional with the on-top pair density, The Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 152, no. 9, pp. 094102, March 2020

  • E. Maradzike, M. Hapka, K. Pernal, A. E. DePrince III, Reduced Density Matrix-Driven Complete Active Apace Self-Consistent Field Corrected for Dynamic Correlation from the Adiabatic Connection, J. Theor. Comput. Chem., 2020

  • M. Hapka, K. Pernal, O. Gritsenko, Molecular multibond dissociation with small complete active space augmented by correlation density functionals, The Journal of Chemical Physics, vol. 152, no. 20, pp. 204118, 2020

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