Dominik Sidorczuk

D. Sidorczuk, M. Kozanecki, B. Civalleri, K. Pernal, J. Prywer, „Structural and Optical Properties of Struvite. Elucidating Structure of Infrared Spectrum in High Frequency Range”, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2020, 124 (42), 8668–8678 DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpca.0c04707

  1. D. Sidorczuk, K. Pernal, B. Civalleri, and J. Prywer „Predicting properties of struvite crystal with density functional theory methods” Sixth European Conference on Crystal Growth (ECCG6), 16–20 Wrzesień 2018, Warna, Bułgaria, Book of abstract, p. 35, plakat S07–P10.
  2. D. Sidorczuk, K. Pernal, B. Civalleri, M. Kozanecki, and J. Prywer „Theoretical and experimental determination of selected properties of the struvite crystal” 3rd German Polish Conference on Crystal Growth (GPCCG3), 17–21 Marzec 2019, Poznań, Polska, Book of abstract, p. 100, Plakat P.4.
  3. D. Sidorczuk, Ł. Kołodziejczyk, K. Pernal, and J. Prywer „Experimental-Computational Approach to Investigate Elastic Properties of Struvite” The 2nd International Online Conference on Crystals (IOCC 2020), 10–20 Listopad 2020, Konferencja w formie zdalnej, DOI: 10.3390/IOCC_2020-07336

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