A Novel Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Laser Incorporating a High-Index-Contrast Grating

NCBiR 1/3/POL-SIN/2012 (1.07.2012-30.06.2015)

To increase data rate in telecommunication systems without increasing the number of channels and their maintaining costs, it is necessary to increase the VCSEL bit rate by reducing its threshold current and spectral width of emission. As a perfect solution, a novel high index contrast grating (HCG) photonic crystal (PhC) surface emitting laser is proposed in this project. In such a device, the top DBRs are replaced by thin layer HCG to greatly reduce the device thickness, its manufacturing costs and to assure polarization stability

The project consists of both theoretical and experimental parts, which include HCG PhC VCSEL design, optimization, device fabrication and characterization. If this project succeeds, the low-cost, single-polarization, single mode novel HCG PhC VCSELs with low threshold current and better mechanical stability will become a disruptive technology phasing out the conventional VCSELs which are widely used in the current fiber optical communication systems, portable gas detectors, laser printers, biological photonic systems, chip scale atomic clock, etc