Coupled-Cavity Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers

NCN 2012/06/M/ST7/00442 (1.07.2013-30.06.2016)

The main objective of the project is precise analysis and explanation of physical phenomena occurring in a coupled-cavity vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser, which emits radiation at two different, determined wavelengths. To reach that goal we will perform the numerical analysis supported by experimental verification. The main objective of the project is to carefully examine the interactions of nonlinear phenomena such as: electrical, thermal, optical, carriers recombination and diffusion, which governs different regimes of lasing. From the point of view of practical applications the most valuable type of operation corresponds to dual fundamental mode operation of short and long waves combined with strong discrimination of higher-order transverse modes. This configuration allows very fast push-pull modulation which eliminates relaxation oscillations of photons and electrons, as a result sole limitation originates from the lifetime of photons in the cavity, which theoretically allows the modulation of the order of 100 GHz.