Fizyka ciała stałego

The content of the lecture

  1. Solid state concept, perfect crystal lattice, symmetries of crystals, reciprocal lattice, real crystals, defects of crystal lattice.
  2. Crystal bonds: van der Waals bonds, ionic crystals and Madelung constant, covalent crystals, hydrogen bonds, metallic crystals and cohesive energy.
  3. Vibrations of crystal lattice: monoatomic linear chain, diatomic linear chain, vibrations of three-dimensional lattice, normal vibrations, spectrum of vibrations, the energy and specific heat capacity of crystal (insulator) - Einstein model and Debye model, thermal expansion and thermal conductivity of solids.
  4. Electron energy states in crystals: free electron model, Sommerfeld expansion, electronic specific heat capacity, nearly free-electron model, the electron in a periodic potential - Bloch theorem, strong-bond model, the velocity and effective mass of electron, holes, density of electron states.
  5. General properties of intrinsic and doped semiconductors: semiconductor materials, band structure, carrier concentration, the Fermi level, carrier mobility and electrical conductivity.
  6. Hall effect in metals and semiconductors.
  7. The theory of crystal growth: thermodynamic Jackson and Temkin models of solid-liquid interface, kinematic block models as a basis for computer simulations of crystal growth using Monte Carlo method.

The content of the tutorials

Solving exercises and problems related to the selected lecture topics:

  • crystal lattice,
  • symmetries of crystals,
  • reciprocal lattice,
  • ionic crystals and Madelung constant,
  • vibrations of crystal lattice,
  • electron energy states in crystals.

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