prof. Grzegorz Bąk, PhD, DSc

Dielectrics Group

+48 42 631 36 37

The main research fields are physics of materials, including molecular and covalent solids. The investigations concern polarisation phenomena, charge transport and other properties of organic and inorganic films including carbon layers and anisotropic molecular films.

a few last papers

  • G. Bąk, Photo-enhanced conduction in inhomogeneous thin film space charge limited conducting systems, Scientific Bulletin Physics, no. 37, pp. 11-20, 2016

  • G. Bąk, M. Wojciechowski, M. Tykarska, Some physical properties of liquid crystalline 1H6Bi compound, J. Mol. Liq., no. 201, pp. 43-49, 2015

  • M. Wojciechowski, M. Tykarska, G. Bąk, DIELECTRIC PROPERTIES OF FERRIELECTRIC SUBPHASE OF LIQUID CRYSTAL MHPOPB, Scientific Bulletin. Physics / Technical University of Łódź, vol. 34, pp. 57-64, 2013

Office Hours

  room 3.11, Institute of Physics,

Tuesday 11:15-12:00, Thursday 12:30-13:15

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