Maciej Dems, D.Sc.

associate professor
Photonics Group

42 631 3964

Maciej Dems received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from Lodz University of Technology, Poland, in 2002 and 2007, respectively, and a habilitation degree in physics from Warsaw University in 2018. From 2011 to 2014 he was leading an R+D project—within the framework an R+D project within the framework LIDER funded by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development—which main goal was the development of an advanced software for modeling of various photonic structures on a sub-wavelength scale. Currently, his research interest is a broad range of sub-wavelenght photonic devices: photonic crystals, high-contrast gratings, DFB lasers and micro-structured VCSELs.




Recent Publications

  • K. Pierściński, M. Bugajski, T. Czyszanowski, A. Kolek, M. Wesołowski, M. Kuc, R. Sarzała, M. Dems, M. Płuska, D. Pierścińska, W. Strupiński, A. Czerwiński, Coupled-cavity AlInAs/InGaAs/InP quantum cascade lasers fabricated by focused ion beam processing, JPhys Photonics, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 015001, 2019

  • M. Więckowska, T. Czyszanowski, G. Almuneau, M. Dems, Shaping vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser mode profiles with an antiresonant oxide island for improved single-mode emission, JOURNAL OF THE OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA B-OPTICAL PHYSICS, vol. 35, no. 9, pp. 2259-2265, September 2018

  • M. Marciniak, Ł. Piskorski, M. Gębski, M. Dems, M. Wasiak, K. Panajotov, J. A. Lott, T. Czyszanowski, The vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser as a sensing device, JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, vol. 36, no. 16, pp. 3185-3192, 2018

  • T. Czyszanowski, S. Grzempa, M. Dems, W. Nakwaski, Monolithic reflector for infrared radiation, PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE, vol. 10123, pp. UNSP 101231P, 2017

  • M. Marciniak, M. Gębski, M. Dems, K. Panajotov, T. Czyszanowski, High Contrast Grating VCSELs for Sensing Applications, PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE, vol. 10111, pp. UNSP 101113B, 2017

Recent Conference Presentations

  • P. Komar, M. Gębski, M. Dems, T. Czyszanowski, M. Wasiak, Long focal-length planar focusing reflectors based on high-contrast gratings, pp. 109281F-1 - 109281F-7, 2019

  • M. Dems, Optical modes in Monolithic High Contrast Gratings, International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks-ICTON, September 2018

  • M. Marciniak, M. Gębski, Ł. Piskorski, M. Dems, M. Wasiak, K. Panajotov, J. A. Lott, T. Czyszanowski, The vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser incorporating a high contrast grating mirror as a sensing device, PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE, vol. 10552, pp. 105520J-1 - 105520J-9, 2018

  • M. Kuc, Ł. Piskorski, A. Sokół, M. Dems, M. Wasiak, R. Sarzała, T. Czyszanowski, Optical simulations of blue and green semipolar InGaN/GaN lasers, PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE, vol. 10532, pp. 1053228-1 - 1053228-10, 2018

  • M. Dems, Physical principles of monolithic high-contrast gratings, PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE, vol. 10113, pp. 101130C, 2017

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