InTechFun: Innovative technologies of multifunctional materials and structures for nanoelectronics, photonics, spintronics and sensor techniques

The project is aimed at the development of innovative technological processes and designs, and based on these, novel semiconductor devices making use of wide bandgap semiconductors – ZnO, group III-nitrides, and SiC. The research embraces the following main topics:

  1. doping of ZnO in p-type,
  2. epitaxial growth of GaN/AlGaN structures on Si substrates,
  3. fabrication of photonic crystals in GaN and ZnO,
  4. fabrication of metal/semiconductor contacts with specific electrical and optical properties (ohmic contacts, Schottky barriers, transparent contacts), suitable for high temperature operation,
  5. fabrication of semiconductor/dielectric with specific electrical properties (gate dielectric, surface passivation).
  6. The research includes modeling studies and thorough characterization of materials and device structures. High level of R&D activities The leading group for this project, the Dept. of Micro- and Nanotechnology of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors has a broad experience in the process technologies and device architectures for optoelectronics and electronics.

    The role of Photonics Group, Institute of Physics, Lodz University of Technology:

    The Photonics Group carries out modeling of structures of photonic crystals made of widebandgap semiconductors, modeling the phenomena and designing the UV radiation sources based on GaN and ZnO, also with the use of photonic crystals, and thermal analysis of semiconductor devices.