10th Asia-Pacific Biotech congress

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Conference Name: 10th Asia-Pacific Biotech Congress

Date & Venue: July 25-27, 2016 AVANI Atrium,
Bangkok, Thailand

Call for Papers - Submit your abstract and get a chance to meet Nobel Laureate @ Bangkok

With great pleasure we welcome you to be a part of upcoming conference at Bangkok.This conference will be of great use to all researchers engaged in application of modern biotechnology for tackling problems facing in food and agriculture globally including healthcare, climate change, food security and safety. Both national and international well reputed scientists have been invited to present their recent findings in this conference. Certainly, there will be a great opportunity for the researchers and students to interact with international and national participants and professionals, and establish contacts for future scientific contacts, exchange of genetic material and publications.

You can participate as speaker/poster/delegate. The topics mainly concentrated in conference are:

  •  Biotech in Food
  •  Environmental Biotechnology
  •  Plant Biotechnology
  •  Food Biotechnology
  •  Nano biotechnology
  •  Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  •  Marine Biotechnology
  •  Animal Biotechnology
  •  Biotechnology in Agriculture
  •  Biotech in Health Care
  •  Biotech Pharmaceuticals
  •  Emerging Biotech Companies
  •  Current Scenario of
  •  Waste water treatment using Bio-Techniques
  •  Modern Biotechnology in Cancer
  • Scope of Biotechnology

Visit the conference page at: http://www.biotechnologycongress.com/asia-pacific/

For more details and queries contact

David Culver