Upcoming Hypercomplex Seminar 2024

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Upcoming Hypercomplex Seminar 2024
We are pleased to invite You to this year's HyperComplex Seminar 2024 conference on September 14-18 at the Lodz University of Technology. HyperComplex Seminar 2024 is a conference in mathematical physics and complex and quaternion analysis, also relating to the applicability of various mathematical structures in broadly understood Technology such as Classical and Quantum Computer Science, Electronics, Quantum Chemistry, AI, etc.
The conference is free of charge and will take place in the stationary version in the Arena Magica auditorium at the Institute of Physics in Building B14 and registration is available by sending an e-mail to HyperComplexSeminar@gmail.com or to malgorzata.nowak-kepczyk@kul.pl. nline participation is possible after contacting the co-organizers Krzysztof Pomorski or Mariusz Zubert. Students are welcome to present their lectures or lecture proposals.
Happy Easter 2024 and See You at the HyperComplex Seminar 2024 conference!!!
Z pozdrowieniami,
Organizers of the Hypercomplex Seminar 2024 Conference

Dariusz Partyka, Mariusz Zubert, Małgorzata Nowak-Kępczyk, Andrzej Michalski, Krzysztof Pomorski